Super Hypoid Synthetic Gear Oil GL5 Semanchimie

  1. 1. Excellent high load
    2. Good wear protection
  2. 3. Good shear stability
  3. 4. Ability to be used in four seasons
    5. The formation of stable film on moving surface and improve friction between parts


Used in hypoid gearboxes, helical gears and differentials for which GL5 quality level is recommended.


Test Name

Test Method


Viscosity @100  - cst

ASTM D-445 (INSO 340)

9 - 10.5

Viscosity index (min) 

ASTM D-2270 (INSO 195)


Flash point - oC (min)

ASTM D-92 (INSO 198)


Pour point - oC (max)

ASTM D-97 (INSO 201)


Density - gr/cm3

ASTM D-4052 (INSO 197)



Packing 1 litre in plastic 208 litres in barrel


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